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Personal Branding for Business Owners

Irina Leoni teaches business owners the power of visual branding to capture and build customer relationships

Visual branding and digital marketing expert Irina Leoni has a fresh perspective on personal branding that is shaking things up for business owners. In today’s customer culture, businesses can no longer rely on logos and graphic design to communicate with their ideal clients. To break through the digital noise, entrepreneurs need to master their visual brand identity. That’s where Irina comes in.

A first-generation American immigrant, Irina came to the United States 15 years ago from Latvia with her newborn son. Building a business from scratch may be part and parcel of “the American dream,” but for Irina, the process was one of unexpected discovery and imagination. Her Eastern European roots contributed to a unique visual aesthetic she knew could change the face of digital marketing for her clients. Now, she helps business owners create personal branding platforms with visual impact that pull customers in and leave them wanting more.

Visual Brand Mastery

A teacher and professional speaker, Irina Leoni offers courses in visual brand mastery to business owners who want to improve their presence online and out in the world.

“I teach regular people what to do with their image,” says Irina, “including what kind of photographers to hire to do their branding, how to strategize it, how to identify their audience, and how to make sure that their ideal customer really sees them, whether that’s on social media, on their website, or anywhere else.”

Her tips and strategies support business owners such as:

* Coaches
* Speakers
* Consultants
* Authors
* Trainers
* Designers
* Creative professionals

“Nowadays,” Irina says, “we need to have a visual strategy for our brand — not just logos, not just colors, not just the way our website looks and making sure the design is nice. We need personal brands. We need to show up as ourselves, as humanly as possible in the most relatable way.”

Power PortraitsTM

At the heart of Irina’s visual branding approach is photography and its unparalleled role in digital marketing. With her Power PortraitsTM, she creates conversation-worthy portraiture of business owners who are ready to position themselves to connect with their ideal customers.

“I feel that I was born to take photos of entrepreneurs,” says Irina. “The sparkle in an entrepreneur’s eye is different than that of any other people — the energy, the passion, the hustle, the grit, the unwavering determination, the seemingly crazy belief that they can change the world in their own unique way.“

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