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Smartphone Tips for Business Owners: Achieve Maximum Visual Impact

Business owners who take a lot of their brand's social media photos with a smartphone often wonder: What does it take for their photos to look as good as their favorite Instagram feeds? Irina explains.

How to Create a More Memorable Brand Online

Irina shares a simple and fun action business owners can take right away to up their online branding game: figure out what kind of an accessory, color, or even a way of moving that can make you a lot more memorable to your audience when you are branding yourself online.

The #1 Thing Business Owners Can Do to Improve Instagram Engagement

It’s like a big secret, except that it’s not. Strangely, not many people actually use this obvious technique to grow their reach on Instagram. Do this every day, every hour, or as often as you can. Nothing else will grow a real and engaged audience as quickly for you, says Irina.

The Business Headshot Is Dead. Here’s What You Really Need.

In today’s busy world, everyone who lands on your site needs to start getting to know you the second your page has loaded. And the only way to do it is tell them your story. Stories are created with synergy of great copy and great imagery. Therefore, business owners should be approaching photoshoots as a tool to define target audience, what problems you are solving for them, and who you want them to see you as.

The Real Reason Entrepreneurs Hate Social Media

If you’re a business owner who hates social media and thinks it just can’t work for you, the truth is it’s your strategy that’s broken, not the system. Irina Leoni shares winning social media and visual branding tips anyone can use to create more interest and engagement online.

Top Personal Branding Fails

Coaches, speakers, consultants, authors, trainers, designers, and other creative professionals — tune in! If you’re spending all your time pitching, focusing on web design and fancy logos, or neglecting your blog, you could be sabotaging your business. Visual branding expert Irina Leoni shares key dos and don’ts.

Content Shock Solutions: Break Through the Digital Noise

We live in a world of content overload. In this state of “content shock,” it’s easy for customers to become numb to typical digital marketing tactics. Visual branding expert Irina Leoni helps business owners break through the “noise” to reach their desired audience.

What’s Your Brand Personality?

Beyond logos, beyond web design, what is your business showing to the world? What are your brand’s values? What messages do you want your audience to get loud and clear? Do you know who your ideal client is? Visual branding and digital marketing expert Irina Leoni teaches business owners how to identify and hone their brand personality to optimize customer relationships.

How to Score the Best Relationship with Your Clients

Are you creating the best possible relationship with your clients? Irina explains how to use common goals and dialog to keep client relationships open and authentic.

Shutterbugs and the Subconscious

Photography has the power to influence our subconscious and influence our decision making. Visual branding expert Irina Leoni shares tips business owners can use to connect with their ideal customers.

Love and the Lens

From food pics to selfies to family photos, people sharing their images online are ultimately looking for love, acceptance, and connection, asserts visual branding expert Irina Leoni. She explains how business owners that want to make a difference in the world can use photography to create and nurture an online community.
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